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Equipment Details

Distributed Control (based on RI-EDF)

   This stage represents the final testbed for RI-EDF protocol. Two cameras are connected to two remote PC's which sends data wirelessly to a local controller. Each camera computer sends data over the serial port to motes, which are using RI-EDF. The motes send data wirelessly in a EDF schedule. Both cameras monitor the cart's position so the controller can automatically switch between the cameras if one fails to send good information. If both cameras fail, control switches back to the cart's potentiometer. The other potentiometer on the cart is used to measure the rod angle and is read directly by the control computer.

   Pictures of our setup and a video of the pendulum being controlled can be found on the Multimedia page.

   Since the two motes sending camera data were able to control the pendulum without using all the bandwidth available, additional traffic was added to the schedule that was not used for controlling the pendulum.

RI-EDF protocol
   The Robust Implicit Earliest Deadline First protocol was recently developed by our group. Information about the protocol can be found in the following presentation: RI-EDF Slides


  • 3 - Computers running S.Ha.R.K. 1.5 Alpha

  • 3 - MICA2 Motes running TinyOS 1.1.0

  • 3 - Mote programming boards 2 - Framegrabber cards

  • 2 - Analog cameras

  • 1 - DT2811 A/D card and cables

  • 1 - LED

  • Track & Cart & Rod & Power Module



   Code can be found in demos/IPC_MOTECAM of the S.Ha.R.K. code in the downloads section.

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