-Non-RT Wired
Equipment Details

Non Real-Time Wired Distributed Control

   We tried two experiments using a network. The network was a non real-time 10-Megabit wired network and all communication was done using UDP. The control signals needed for this experiment only required a small portion of the bandwidth available. These controllers were used for testing only, to make sure there were no problems with the control before switching the network over to the real-time wireless one running our protocol.

   The first step was a remotely connected controller. The cart was connected to a local I/O program which sent data to a control program on a remote PC. The remote PC calculated the desired control signal and sent it back to the local computer to send to the cart.

   In the second step, cameras were connected to two remote PC's which sent data to the local controller. The cameras both monitored the cart's position so the controller could switch between the cameras if one fails. The potentiometer was used for the rod angle and was read directly by the controller computer.

   After completing these two controllers, we replaced the network with motes running the RI-EDF protocol to get the distributed real-time controller.


For remote controller:

  • 2 - Computers running S.Ha.R.K. 1.5 Alpha

  • 2 - Ethernet cards

  • 1 - DT2811 A/D card and cables

  • Track & Cart & Rod & Power Module

For distributed non real-time controller:

  • 3 - Computers running S.Ha.R.K. 1.5 Alpha

  • 3 - Ethernet cards

  • 2 - Framegrabber cards

  • 2 - Analog cameras

  • 1 - DT2811 A/D card and cables

  • 1 - LED

  • Track & Cart & Rod & Power Module


For remote controller:

And for the distributed non real-time controller:


   Code can be found in folder demos/IPC_NETCAM of the S.Ha.R.K. code in the downloads section.

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