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Equipment Details

Centralized Control

   Control of the inverted pendulum was first done using two potentiometers on the cart, one for the rod angle and one for the cart position, read through a DT2811 A/D card on a computer. This same computer determined the appropriate control output and sent it back to the cart. A network was not used since one computer handled sensors and control.

   Next, a camera was added to monitor the cart's position instead of using the 2nd potentiometer. This camera was also connected directly to the control computer. Rod angle was still measured using a potentiometer.

   Both stages of this controller worked well to stabilize the pendulum.


  • 1 - Computer running S.Ha.R.K. 1.5 Alpha

  • 1 - DT2811 A/D card and cables

  • Track & Cart & Rod & Power Module

Additional equipment to use camera:

  • 1 - Framegrabber card

  • 1 - Analog camera

  • 1 - LED

Setup (showing optional camera)


   Code for using potentiometers only can be found in folder demos/IPC_DT2811 and code for adding the camera can be found in folder demos/IPC_Camera of the S.Ha.R.K. code in the downloads section.

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