This section contains notes about the equipment we used. This section will probably be useful only if you have the same equipment.

   A regular PC running Linux or Windows(with Cygwin). TinyOS 1.1.7 is needed to program the Motes.

   MICAz motes were used for this project. Motes are small wireless sensor nodes. These are made by Crossbow . They were programmed using TinyOS version 1.1.7. There are three different application codes that need to be programmed into the Motes depending on their role. RTBase code is for the base stations, RTChainMidNodes is for Infrastructure Motes and PersonalMonitor is for the roaming Mote. More detailed explanation and instructions are available in the Documentation.

MTS310 Sensorboard
   Each Personal Monitor must be equipped with an MTS310 Sensorboard for fall detection and voice communication purposes. The sensorboard is equipped with a MEMs accelerometer (Analog Devices ADXL210E) as well as a microphone.

MIB510 Programming Board
   At least two MIB510 Programming Boards are needed since a second base station needs to be attached to the PC as a destination point for merging chains.

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