Real-Time Wireless Embedded Systems

Welcome to the Networked Real Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory at UIUC. Detailed information about our research on Real-Time Wireless Embedded Systems can be found here.

Research and Development:

  • RI-EDF: Wireless Distributed Control Based on RI-EDF (single hop)
    In this work an innovative real-time wireless MAC protocol was designed and a testbed for wireless distributed control was developed.  The real-time wireless protocol is Robust Implicit Earliest Deadline First (RI-EDF), an EDF-based algorithm for ad-hoc real-time wireless communication. The intended use of this protocol is for
    distributed embedded systems like collaborative robots, or distributed control applications where sensors/actuators are connected wirelessly.

  • RT-Chain: Real Time Ad-Hoc Wireless Communication Based on RT-Chains (multi hop)
    In this work we designed and developed Real-Time Chains, a new prioritized MAC protocol to support soft real-time data flows in multi-hop wireless ad-hoc networks. RT-Chain avoids all packet collisions and limits the effect of priority inversions. Furthermore, it enables high spatial reuse and transmission rate using multiple wireless channels. We fully implemented and validated the protocol on MICAz hardware.

  • ALEIS: Assisted Living Embedded Infrastructure
    ALEIS is an embedded infrastucture targeted at Assisted Living Environments. ALEIS uses RT-Chain protocol and was implemented on MICAz motes. It provides localization, fall detection as well as an emergency audio link. In this work, ALEIS demonstrates how a sensor network enhanced with real-time communication can provide a reliable, affordable, and non-intrusive solution for real-time monitoring of Assisted Living facilities.

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